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Benefits of Hiring In-Home Care Services Post Surgery

May 2nd, 2020BlogNo Comments »

Adults and older adults, when go through surgery can take many weeks or even months to recover. With the increase in age, the immune system of the body becomes weak, and it takes a lot more time to recover than the younger ones. Since older people take time to heal from chronic illness, they may not be able to live independently as they once lived.


Looking at their condition and ability to survive, they may need someone by their side to take care of them and manage their day to day tasks until they heal properly. However, family caregivers may not be able to devote a lot of time since they have other responsibilities lurking on their shoulders. This is why family members tend to hire home health services who can assist the patient with daily chores and can look after their recovery and daily needs.


Although surgeries are various types, yet an older adult needs assistance until they are fully recovered. Here are a few reasons how elderly adults will benefit from an in-home care service-


1) They can put your family members at ease-

The family members may not be able to look at every single thing of the patient after he/she comes home because of the other duties; therefore, the home health care providers can put them at ease. They are trained in their job and besides managing all the work, they can assess the safety risks to make simple corrections to make the patient comfortable.


2) They can help with transitioning and positioning-

The first few days after the surgery are the most uncomfortable days, as the patient has to go through pain, fatigue and after-effects of anaesthesia. They are generally told by the doctor to take as much rest as possible and only to walk under the supervision of an assistant. During this phase of the recovery, patients require help for transitioning from one room to another like bathroom, bedroom and living room.


3) They assist with self-care-

The person recovering from surgery can feel all the symptoms like discomfort, nausea, pain, and fatigue, which makes it struggling for an elderly person to carry out basic self-care routine work. This is when in-home care providers post-surgery come into play. They take care of the slightest of the things from meal preparation to housekeeping, bathing and grooming to overnight supervision.


4) They monitor each activity-

Besides helping the patient with his day to day task, it is their duty to assist them in healing. Hence, they monitor vital signs and administer medicines. If the patient’s health is declining after the surgery, they contact the doctor and arrange meetings.


5) They offer companionship-

A patient may feel lonely post-surgery when he has to stay in the rest mode while other members of the family are out. Things can get frustrating, isolating and depressive. This is when a health care provider can make them feel optimistic and positive while motivating them throughout the day.


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