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Eight Warning Signs Your Grandparents Need Home Health Care

July 6th, 2020BlogNo Comments »

As your parents or grandparents age, it can get difficult for them to take sufficient care of themselves and stay healthy physically and mentally. And, because you may be engrossed in performing daily life chores and earning a livelihood for all, it may be challenging for you to balance work and their upkeep for days at a stretch. As a result, a sense of scattered focus can prevail that can get disappointing and detrimental for your health as well.

Hiring a personal caregiver can be a win-win situation here. Hence, if you see any senior in your family falling behind their tasks or simply needing a hand to look after home responsibilities, caregiving services can prove to be of immense benefit. However, it can be difficult to know when to introduce this idea to your grandparent. So, keep an eye on the following signs –

  1. Forgetfulness

Memory problem is a common thing in aged and old people, but there is a difference between normal forgetfulness and the type of memory loss that obstructs basic driving and shopping.  Thus, be on alert mode as you see your grandparents forgetting critical things.

  1. Ignorant of Personal Hygiene

Now, this symptom is an elaborated form of forgetfulness where your grandma has rotting and spoiled food in the refrigerator or isn’t showering or doing her hair anymore. So, be extra cautious as poor personal hygiene can make way for severe infections.

  1. Weight Gain/Loss

Sudden weight changes are indicative of several health problems. So, if you notice that your grandparent is looking thinner or heavier than usual, it can be a sheer sign of beginning of a major illness on the way and extreme struggling to do daily house tasks like earlier.

  1. Serious Illness

Aged adults often get diagnosed with heart stroke, diabetes, respiratory issues, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and other serious ailments. During these situations, they need skilled care or licensed physical therapist to stay out of the hospital, in the comfort of their own homes.

  1. Balancing Problem

The strength and ability to move around easily reduces as people age. Due to that, you can see elderly humans holding onto nearby supports such as chairs or tables when walking or standing/sitting. And if your family member looks unstable in such positions, they definitely need a caregiver.

  1. Depression

You may see your overjoyed and enthusiastic grandparents stop traveling, attending family dinners, and indulging in their little passions all of a sudden. And while, with age, the physical activities do become limited; any sign of isolation or loneliness is what you need to be concerned for.

  1. Hostile Behavior

Your grandparents may start exhibiting confusions and even find difficulties in hanging onto conversations for long. Due to their declining cognitive abilities, you can often see them in defensive and aggressive outbursts. This is when you know you have to hire a specialized personal caregiver.

  1. Frequent Slipping

Strange bruising or wounds you see on your grandparent’s body can be an outcome of bathroom falls, bedroom slips, or kitchen accidents in the home. So, don’t play them off as nothing and think of some level of in-home assistance.

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