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Home Health Care Myth You Need to Debunk Right Now

August 9th, 2020BlogNo Comments »

For elders, there is no place safer and comfortable than home. It is the place where they had spent precious moments with their family and hence feels happiest when at home. However, as they get older, they may need home healthcare to get the required assistance and make life easier that too at the comfort of their home. Many people hire home health care services so that their aged parents don’t have to face any trouble or inconvenience at home in their absence. But, some people don’t consider home health care as they don’t know what exactly home health care services are for or hold some misconceptions in their mind. To clear those misunderstandings, we are here with this post. Below, we have jotted common myths that need to be debunked right away.


Myth #1. Home health care is expensive. 

People who have never hired home health care services think that they cannot afford then as they are expensive. But, in reality, it is not so. Home care is quite affordable as depending on your needs, you can hire the caretaker on an hourly basis. If your older parents need a few hours’ assistance, you need not employ the caretaker for the entire day. Instead, you can create a flexible schedule that reflects both your requirements and budget.


Myth#2. Home care is only for extremely sick people. 

No doubt, very ill people or ones recovering after a serious surgery need in-home care services, but it doesn’t mean that people with minor health issues cannot avail the home health care services. In addition to taking care of people suffering from chronic disease or severe injuries, caretakers can also help those clients, who need help in meal preparation, transportation, personal care or housework. Moreover, professionals can provide companionship to elders so that they don’t feel bored or suffer from depression because of being alone at home.


Myth#3. Caregivers cannot be trusted as they don’t care for the elders. 

You might have heard about fraudulent activities and abuse in the home health care industry in the news, and it may be true to some extent. But, such cases only arise if you don’t perform background checks before choosing in-home health care providers. A reputable and well-established home healthcare agency makes sure to conduct background checks on the employees before hiring and only choose certified professionals. All you have to ascertain is that you are hiring from the most trusted home health care services. Moreover, the best thing is that you can select the caregiver for yourself who matches your lifestyle and needs.


Myth #4. I can take care of my parents and don’t need additional help. 

It is commendable if you never step back from taking care of your elders and are always ready to serve them. But, have you ever wondered who will take care of your parents or grandparents when they are alone at home? They may have to struggle while preparing their lunch or doing other housework. For this reason, it is advised to take the help of home health care providers. In your absence, professionals will make sure that your parents don’t have to face any kind of inconvenience or loneliness.


Myth #5. Home care takes away the independence of seniors. 

It is not true in any way. Services provided by in-home caretakers are entirely flexible. If your parents feel that something is upsetting them and their independence, it can totally be avoided. They will get assistance in the exact way they want. It has been reported that with time seniors develop good relations with their caretakers and find a new friend in them because of which they never feel alone in the absence of their children.



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