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Tips to Choose Personal Caregivers for Aged and Sick

June 7th, 2020BlogNo Comments »

We all know, ageing or becoming sick is an inevitable process of life. And while it is something that nobody wants, one has to witness their loved ones gradually moving towards that phase sooner or later. The real struggle comes when your elderly members find difficulty with their basic chores as a result of their old age, chronic disease or some sort of injury.

In that time, the seniors long for comfort, safety and quality life at their home. But, for the families that are out for the work earning a livelihood, the part-time care given is not fully sufficient. This prompts several of them to look for a personal caregiver who can fulfil the role of a companion, a housekeeper, and certified nursing assistant – all at the same time.

Finding a caregiver is like searching for a friend for your seniors. Such an individual can then be entrusted with the care of your family members and for improvement in their quality of life by helping them get out more, engage in activities they enjoy or do the tasks for them on a daily basis.

Of course, there are possibilities that the caretaker can turn out to be abusive; that is why it is important to be extra-cautious when making a choice. Following are the tips to keep in mind to connect with the right one –

Prepare the Job Description and Contract

Depending on your home health care needs for the sick or old parents, write out a complete description of the job. Include the level of care you require, the driving skill that is mandated, and the unhesitant ability to lift the care recipient. Be clear about the wages, the hours of work, unacceptable behavior terms, and termination clause. Just don’t sugar coat things. Hire someone who can accomplish what you want.

Take Recommendations

If you belong to church groups, activity centers, or social clubs, you can ask them for references. You can even talk to your neighbors or friends who have had prior experience with caregivers and learn from their experiences. You can also do online research and shortlist a few caregiving agencies based on their reviews. This way you can find someone who fits in the role you want to get fulfilled and can look after your elderly just the way you do.

Interview the Applicants and Finalize

Once you screen a few applicants overcall, it is time to interview them in person. Let your parents meet the caregiver and see if they seem to be comfortable. Invite a friend or family member to observe the interview and provide a second opinion. Ask about their background checks such as qualifications, training, criminal records, residency status, and licenses. Also, if you need someone experienced in the specific area or for an illness as of your sick parent, clear it out beforehand. Take your time and don’t choose in a hurry.

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