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Tips to Prevent Loneliness Among Senior Family Members

July 6th, 2020BlogNo Comments »

Older adults can quite often isolate themselves from the outside world and the rest of the family. They may not find themselves physically fit enough to visit places or hang onto conversations for long. As a result, you can find them drenching in loneliness and more isolation with each passing day. And, you cannot even imagine the disastrous repercussions this vicious cycle can soon bring along for society.

Loneliness is a sense of extreme emptiness, deprivation, or sadness that can linger in your senior family members’ minds daily and can become more prominent during holidays like Christmas, Easter, etc., especially if no one is around. This negative state of mind can get so severe that you can start noticing some highly impactful consequences such as:

  • Eating disorders
  • Increased stress and anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Obesity
  • Chronic diseases (cardiac or vascular)

So, we all must unite and take the necessary efforts to ensure a happy and healthy life for them. A few ways that can help and alleviate loneliness are –

Paying Attention to their Needs

There is a difference between living alone and feeling lonely. Your dear ones may like spending time all by themselves. But still you must stay connected to them and talk out if they need emergency medications, hearing aids, or doctor visits.

Helping Them Explore New Hobbies

If the older member in your family is fit and fine but feels sad, help them pursue some fun activities or any hobby they enjoyed in their young times. Bring former passions back into their lives and watch the miracle happening.

Motivating Them to Have a Social Circle

One thing that you would never want to see is your loved ones struggling with depression and sadness on their own. Hence, you must keep encouraging them to participate in group outings, attend family dinners, and other events happening in the community.

Encouraging Them for Regular Workouts

Sending your elderly parents or grandparents for morning walks not only helps them stay in good physical shape but in great emotional health as well. So, find out age-appropriate workouts such as walking, stair climbing, etc. for them.

Looking After their Meals and Eating Patterns

Food doesn’t just decide how one looks but also how one feels. That is why you must make sure that your parents have enough intake of fiber-rich food such as fruit and vegetables and also of grains and lean protein. Sugar, starch, and unhealthy fats are a big no-no for them.

Showing Them Some Love

We all have experienced in our lives that love can make a person’s entire world go around, especially with seniors who feel left out and are under depression. So, visit and call them often. Cook their favorite meals and show them that they are needed.

Hiring Personal Care Services

While it may be hard to convince your older parents, but hiring a personal caregiver may be the best solution if there are any unstable health circumstances that they may be going through. That way they will get proper nursing and also a solid companionship.

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